Best Home Foot Spa: Say Goodbye to Calluses and Soreness

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If you’re an active person; your feet can take quite a beating. Even the toughest feet need some TLC every now and then, and what better way to treat your feet than giving them a spa that’s focused entirely on your feet.

But going all the way to a spa 3 times a week is a waste of time and money. If you really want to give your feet some love, what you need is a ‘home foot spa’–that’s convenience, comfort, and savings, all rolled into one awesome device!

There are a ton of home foot spa sets on the market. With all the bells and whistles, glam and glitz, and the flashy lights; it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the multitude of choices. Not to mention, there are some dodgy products out there, and sometimes, there’s no way of knowing if under that fancy exterior is a sub-par product.

Sore feet can be debilitating if your feet are out of action, then you’re going to be hobbling around all day. So, we’ve spent weeks researching and testing products, pinning one home foot spa set against the other to try to figure out which home foot spa sets are worthy of your precious pair of feet.

We have narrowed it all down to six of the best home foot spa sets out there.

Choosing the Best Home Foot Spa Sets

If you have sore feet, Home Foot Spas are angels sent from the heavens, each machine has a unique set of special features that could solve your walkers’ woes. Here are some things you should keep an eye out for in our top 6 products:

Heating Function

Foot soaking is a crucial part of the foot spa treatment. Warm water can really do wonders just on its own, so an efficient and durable heating function is highly necessary to any foot spa worth its salt. A home foot spa armed with a heating function takes care of this for you, eliminating the hassle of getting up and changing the water every few minutes. Some home foot spas have more than one temperature setting.

Massage Features: Rollers, Bubbles, and Vibrations

These massage features are the bread and butter of a home foot soaker, and can make or break the experience! They ensure that you can still get a professional foot massage without a masseuse at the ready. Most home foot spa’s have features that are designed to give your soles a good massage throughout the whole soak, but the quality of the massage can vary wildly.

Special massage features include rollers that may or may not be automatic, spa bubbles, and adjustable vibrations. Some machines even have preset programs so that you won’t have to set it up–just plug and soak!

We also wrote a guide on the best foot massagers, click here to learn more.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The home foot spa you’re going to take home should, first and foremost, be downright comfortable. An uncomfortable massage is no massage at all! Check out its shape and size and make sure your feet are at ease and not cramped in. Most home foot spa designs even have reflexology pads where the feet are rested on.


For features such as the vibration and spa bubbles you can expect a bit of a loud rumbling noise when these features are activated. If you’re easily irritated this could put a damper on the whole “relaxing” vibe, so you’d be advised to look for a foot spa that runs relatively quietly.

A Little Something Extra

Some home foot spas come bundled-in with some extra tools like pedicure items, pumice stones, and aromatherapy tools, making your deal even sweeter.

Our Best Home Foot Spa Reviews 2019

#1. Kendal All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager

When Kendal says “All in One,” you can expect nothing less. Their foot bath massager is equipped to give you heat therapy, an oxygen bubbles massage, and a high-frequency vibration massage. This means better blood circulation and healing for sore and tired feet.

The preset massage programs are great for smoothing meridians and relieving fatigue. The machine can cope with speed heating and can maintain a constant temperature with ease.

Even so, there’s no need to be wary of possible overheating because it employs a multi-insulation protection. This also makes hot air drying an option for you, eliminating the need to wipe off your wet feet anywhere over the house. It is beautiful and compact, however, some users with wide feet find it hard to get that ‘Goldilocks’ fit.

#2. Brookstone Heated Foot Spa

Your feet are in for a treat with the invigorating water jets that are built into this killer home foot spa by Brookstone. The automatic heater makes sure your water temperature will always be perfect at 115°F. This machine also has rolling nodes will knead your soles while you sit back and relax.

Hydro relief? You better believe it!

The rotating jets go at two speeds to unwind those tight muscles. It also includes a pumice stone which is great news for cracked heels. Plus, this product is great for people with big feet, just expect it to be a little bit heavier than other models.

#3. PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830A

Long feet? No worries, PIBBS Foot Bath Massager has space even if your feet are 13” long! It even has a detachable splash guard so you could splash to your feet’s content. Options for a vibrating massage and warm water can be activated or not, it’s really up to you!

Try pressing your feet against the reflexology nodes on the base of the tub to have the pressure points on your feet massaged as you sit back and relax. Epsom salt and essential oils can be used just don’t forget to dissolve it in warm water first to avoid clogs.

#4. Carepeutic Deluxe Motorized Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager

Your legs need some splashing too? Well, look no further, Carepeutic has released a new model of their bath massager that can do wonders for your sore calves. Calves tend to seize up by the end of a long workday in high heels, but all you need is a few minutes with the motorized rolling massager and you’ll be as good as new. This thing feels like magic.

This will hit pressure points that will melt away the soreness you feel from your feet up to your calves. Think of it as a small hot tub with two water jets running bubbles on digitally heated water.

Yes, It’s big and bulky in size but the optional Mobile Caster feature lets you roll the tub to where you need it. The volume of water it can heat up also means that you might have to wait a little longer than you would with ordinary-sized foot baths but in my opinion it’s worth the wait.

#5. Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

If SMART heating and bubbles are what your feet are aching for, then you should try this one by Dr. Scholl. The rolling massager rejuvenates tired feet within just a few minutes. It has a removable pumice stone that’s super handy to soften the dry skin on your heels.

As an added bonus, the foot spa comes with a five-piece pedicure set that includes two toe separators, a nail cutter, a cuticle brush, a pouch for storage.

However, you’ll have to fill the unit with water that’s already warm. SMART Heat system is not designed to heat up water, just to maintain its temperature.

#6. Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath 61360

This model truly does come with everything. It heats up water very quickly and effectively, it maintains water temperature at a consistent comfortable state, and it’s vibrations and massages are top notch!

In addition to all the normal features, it comes with four water jets, OZone features, a stationary pedicenter, and an aromatherapy option!

And these aren’t just throwaway features either, each of these little extras do wonders for your feet. The activated oxygen or OZone eliminates bacteria resulting in clean feet that stay clean. The stationary pedicenter includes a pumice stone which softens your harsh edges resulting in softer, more beautiful feet. And the aromatherapy option allows you to spa with therapeutic scents and oils, which is a great way to freshen your feet up after a long day and keep them smelling wonderful.

The foot spa also features a waterproof toe-touch control. All you have to do is point your toe! It really is worthy of the titular description of ‘ultimate’.

Editor’s Choice: Best  Home Foot Spa

Sure, all these models are generally good choices. They are the top 6 after all, and they all perform their function exceptionally well.

But of the six, the Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath with its OZone features and its four jets have swept us off our feet. Having aromatherapy and a stationary pedicenter are features that complete your home foot spa experience. Of course, picking which one is our favorite was a difficult task since each item had something different to offer. But after a lot of deliberation, Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath has gone the extra mile and is the clear winner.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a “Home Foot Spa?”

A Home Foot Spa is a tub-like machine specially made for your feet. There are different models with different features available in the market. The most common features are water heating, vibration massage, and stimulating bubbles. Other models have water jets and motorized rollers.

Why should I get one?

Having your own home foot spa means you won’t have to wait for an appointment or head to a spa. You can pamper your feet in the comfort of your own home at your most convenient time. Slashing off spa expenses is just a bonus!

How long will the product last?

This depends both on the quality of the product and the way you use your foot spa. Always check and follow the instructions for use. It is also advisable to use the foot spa on a regular basis.

Which is the best home foot spa set?

We recommend the Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath by Helen of Troy. It has several notable features that are worth the investment.

Can I add soap or essential oils to the water?

Yes. Most models allow for adding soap, oils, even Epsom salts for some. However, you should check the manual first for this option. Some models require diluting or dissolving your add-ons with hot water first before pouring it into the tub.

How do I dispose of the water?

Most models have a drain hose that you can use to safely and conveniently drain off water from your home foot spa.


Having sore feet is an absolutely miserable experience. Shots of pain every time you take a step can lead to lethargy and major couch potato syndrome. Looking after your feet is crucial to maintaining vigor and energy as you get older; and there’s no better way to look after your feet than to invest in a home foot spa. Foot spas knead away the knots and tension in your feet, leading to better circulation, less strain and aches, and overall better healing.

If sore feet are holding you back, investing in a foot spa could change your life.

Treat yourself!