Top 10 Best Massage Chairs of 2019: Full Body, Zero Gravity, and Heated Options

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best massage chair reviewsNothing beats a relaxing body massage after a long and tiring day at work. However, not everyone can afford to hire a massage therapist, or make trips to the spa to get massages regularly.

This makes massage chairs the next best choice for those who want the luxury of daily massages without the cost and time. In this guide we feature the best massage chairs on the market right now that you can use right in your very own home. Or office!

In the past, electric massage chairs were a luxury only the wealthy could afford… But with advancements in technology and an increasing demand for top massage chairs, manufacturers are now able to produce quality, long-lasting and affordable massage chairs.

This means that you can get a massage any time you want!

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Massage Chairs

Here we’ve created a list of the top massage chairs that have passed our rigorous review criteria. We’ve sorted the list in ascending order starting from the recommended one to the least recommended. Details on each chair have also been included in the review section below.


We’ll be looking at the best massage chairs available on the market today. We’ll cover different massage chairs, a buying guide, how massage chairs work and the key benefits of owning one. If you’ve considered investing in a massage chair in the past, or are on the hunt for one right now, you’re in the right place.

It is estimated that 1 in every 4 homes in Japan has a massage chair.

In the U.S. however, this number is significantly lower. However, this is slowly changing as better models of massage chairs hit the U.S. market and become more affordable and accessible. The rise of online shopping has also enabled U.S. residents to buy affordable massage chairs from overseas.

In this review, we’ve compiled the best massage chairs available to fit both your budget and needs.

Review of 10 Best Massage Chairs

#1. Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

real relax zero gravity full body chair

The RR Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is by far our favorite, coming in at #1. Many people don’t believe that it’s possible to find a luxury, high-end massage chair for below $1000. The chair passes with flying colors, excelling in both comfort, quality and affordability.

The RR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with features that guarantee a mind blowing massage experience.

You get 8 massage rollers, more than 50 air bags, 4 pre-programmed automatic massage nodes, hip vibrator, built-in wait heater, seat massager, foot massage feature, extended footrests, an advanced HD VFD display screen, and an armrest linkage system.

What really impresses us about this full body shiatsu massage chair in particular is the breathable, durable, and moisture-proof material.

(Might I add that it’s extremely comfortable to sit in!?)

Available color variants include black, khaki and burgundy.

Due to its versatility, this model is perfect for use both at home or in the office! A potential downside that we’ve noticed is that you’re unable to adjust the intensity and speed of your massage, which might frustrate some users. Also, if you’re over 6.1ft tall, this chair might not be ideal due to its size.

#2. Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Massage Chair Recliner

relaxzen deluxe leisure recliner

The Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner comes out at a close second. It’s a perfect massage chair for those on a tight budget, that don’t want to compromise on quality.

It blends perfectly with most furniture and is made from a faux suede material, which is very easy to clean. Even though it lacks premium features, you are still guaranteed to get a relaxing vibrating massage using either custom or preset massage programs.

This massage chair boasts 8 vibrating massage motors, 5 intensity levels, 9 preset modes, lumbar heating, a footrest, super comfortable upholstery and inbuilt massage settings.

The chair can also be used by people of different heights, thanks to the height adjustment feature. This is a relief for those taller than 6.1 ft, who wouldn’t fit comfortable into the Real Relax Zero Gravity. The chair can also handle weight up to  300 lb and can rotate 360 degrees.

The only real downsides we came across is the base of the chair, which can unbalance due to excessive leaning or tilting and the fact the chair only heats up when massaging.

#3. Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic

ijoy-2580 premium robotic massage chair

The design of the Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair will please all your senses – sight, touch and style.

This chair offers a mixture of comfort, style and control. It features 3 invigorating 15-minute massage programs, the ability to recline your massage chair angle, and a built-in control panel for controlling your massage sessions without interruption.

And if you’re not already impressed, the Human Touch iJoy-2580 chair has a detachable massage softening pad for controlling your massage intensity, cup holder to keep your drink close at hand and contoured head pillow.

Human Touch massage chairs allows four different massage techniques: rolling, kneading, compression and percussion. This is by far one of the massage chairs on the market for under $1,000 and is an absolute steal.

The one downside is the size: If you’re 6 feet or taller, this might not be the best massage chair for you.

#4. Recliner Genius Massage Recliner Chair

recliner genius massage chair

If you’re looking for a massage chair recliner with 360 degrees of spinning potential, the Recliner Genius Massage Recliner Chair is perfect for you.

Made of high quality PU Leather, it matches almost any decor and is super easy to both dismantle and assemble.

You get 8 massage nodes, adjustable armrests, two cup holders and heating systems.

This recliner will guarantee you relaxing massages, right from the comfort of your living room.

#5. Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu

fully assembled curved long rail shiatsu

This massage chair is suited to those who are looking for a Shiatsu massage chair with no specific massage techniques or programs. It’s a modern styled chair, equipped with rollers for Shiatsu massage. The SL shape curved rail design makes it both unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Its key features include: built-in remote controller, three massage styles (kneading, knocking and tapping)  – air bags that adjusts your posture, 3D surround sound system that uses Bluetooth, and a cellphone holder.

This chair also has hidden wheels that you can use to move easily around your house or office. The downside of the chair is that it only massages between the shoulder and thigh.

The backrest of this Shiatsu massage chair is also designed to carry a maximum weight of 90 kg.

#6. Relaxon Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

relaxon full body recliner

The Relaxon Full Body Zero Gravity comes out at #6, and would be a sin not to include it on our top 10 list of best massage chairs.

It has a range of premium features that are difficult to find in any one massage chair below $2,000.

With this one, you will hit all areas of your body using any of the 5 auto programs  – 3 programmable memory or you can opt to go for a full body massage. Its design is similar to those of luxury seats you will find in a first class airplane cabin.

Other noteworthy features of this massage chair recliner include: zero gravity setting, heat settings, air bags, shoulder height adjustment, smart remote control, full body scan, and extended S-track mechanism. It is made of synthetic PU leather.

This sought-after massage chair measures your spine length automatically to ensure that the massage is both effective and comfortable.

Warning: This chair may turn you into a massage addict.

#7. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Massage Chair

osaki-OS-4000 Shiatsu Chair

Our list of the 10 best massage chairs just wouldn’t be complete without the Osaki brand. Osaki has been a renowned manufacturer of massage chairs since 1937. The company is known for its high quality manufacturing, luxury design and premium-priced massage chairs.

The Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Massage Chair recliner is a state-of-the-art massage chair that’s a must-buy if you can afford it. In the Osaki, you can enjoy 8 preset massage programs  – healthcare, smart, circulation, relax, full air, lumbar, back, neck & shoulder, and demo.

Other features of this massage chair are a real ergonomic S-track system, NASA-inspired 2 stage zero-gravity positioning and 5-level and 5-speed massage intensity control. The chair is made of improved PU fabric, which guarantees both comfort and durability.

#8. INADA Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

INADA Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

The INADA dreamwave is the most advanced massage chair you’ll ever come across. Just a warning, it will take a little time and effort to learn how to use this chair effectively for optimal results.

It is a luxury massage chair by design, style, look and feel. Its S-track design and setting are futuristic and the massage techniques are a combination of various Japanese massage techniques including full body shiatsu.

The chair starts by doing a full 3D body scan to determine the target pressure points, to tailor the best massage program curated for your body.

The Osaki INADA Sogno Massage Chair is very reasonably priced considering a list of very impressage massage features.

You have the option of 6 unique massage techniques (human hands, tapping, shiatsu, kneading, double knead, and a combination of tapping and kneading), 8 preset massage therapy options (quick, morning, full body air, full body, youth, stretch, night and dreamwave), 8 extra deep relaxation massage options, heat massage therapy, a body stretch feature,  and an air massage among many others.

It’s no wonder this massage chair is internationally recognized as one of the best in the world.

Massage Chair’s Alternatives with Heat

#1. HoMedics Quad Shiatsu with Heat

HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Cushion

This is one of the chairs for those on a budget that still want a quality massage.

It is a detachable massage chair pad that can be fitted on any conventional chair or couch. It has three main massage settings: rolling, kneading and percussion.

Rolling is perfect if you want a tender and gentle massage; kneading for a deep tissue massage; and percussion if you want the massage to be fast and furious. You can also combine the settings of your choice. Its rollers provide excellent pressure on the body and are sturdy and durable.

You can also use the zone control to select lower back, upper back, full back or spot massage, depending on your mood or needs.

The main disadvantage of the HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat is that you cannot recline or lay down on it. However, the heat setting, seat vibration, spot massage, back massage, programmed controller and integrated stripping system makes this cushion a fantastic choice for its cost.

Don’t forget to check our guide on the best massage cushion for more reviews on cushions here.

#2. Zyllion ZMA14 Neck and Back Cushion with Heat

Zyllion Shiatsu Massager Cushion

The Zullion is a great massage chair cushion that can be fitted to any couch of set, giving an authentic massage experience. It has a unique neck feature that makes it a crowd favorite.

The main advantages of this cushion are: customizable massage nodes, back and neck massage nodes, soothing heat, 4-stage Shiatsu massage function, a secure fit on any seat, three vibration levels and auto shut-off. ] You can rotate or roll its massage nodes to suit your needs!

The main downside of this cushion is its height limitation. Some customers with sensitive skin have also complained that the massaging can bruise the skin.

Benefits of Buying a Massage Chair

Below are just a few reasons people decide to invest in a massage chair.

Save Money

One of the main reasons people choose to invest in a massage chair is because of the increasing cost of massage services. The average cost of a standard 60-minute massage in the U.S. is about $60.

This does not include other expenses such as transport cost to the spa and an additional $5-20 tip subject to the customer service.

Assuming that you get one 60-minute massage every week, you would spend over $3,000 a year on massage services.

Anyone who has had a professional massage would agree that massages are highly addictive. On average, you might be likely to visit the massage center 3-5 times a week. If we do the math, you’ll realize that the costs will add up to between $9,000 and $15,000 PER year.

In short, buying a massage chair is simply a good investment.

Replace Furniture

If you were already planning on purchasing a new recliner, it would make sense to go for a reclining massage chair instead. Reclining massage chairs are often known as cozy versions of reclining chairs with extra benefits—killing two birds with one stone.

With a reclining massage chair, watching TV at home, or even working from the office becomes comfortable and enjoyable. Simply flick the massage chair on any time your body is sore and needs an invigorating massage.

You have to admit, reclining massage chairs really do sound magical—and is one of the main reasons driving folks to invest in one.


After finding out how much you can really save, it makes sense as to why people are opting to invest in luxurious massage chairs. The minimum lifespan of these chairs is around 5 years, with some of the best massage chairs having warranties of 10 years of more.

The chair can be used at any time and for as long as you want without any extra expenses. The bonus is that these chairs don’t complain or get tired. If you wanted, you could wake up in the middle of the night and use it as you wish to massage and relax your tired body.


A good massage chair allows you to target specific sore areas or muscles that you need massaged. Alternatively,  you can choose a full body massage mode to work on the entire body at one, something that even the best professional masseuse can’t do.

Key Benefits of Chairs with Heat and Massage Facilities

The key benefits of electric massage chairs include the following:

  • Save money by eliminating or reducing trips to specialized massage centers or spas.
  • Get a massage as short or as long as you want.
  • Can be customized to target specific sore areas or muscle groups.
  • Accurately regulate massage strength level ranging from cuddling or stroking to deep tissue.
  • Allows you to enjoy watching TV or your favorite movie from home or the office while your body gets a good massage.
  • Never gets tired or complains.
  • Has different massage settings including: rolling, chopping and tapping action.
  • Can enjoy a relaxing massage any time, any day, without making appointments or preparing to dress and drive to a spa.
  • Has numerous health benefits including improved circulatory, muscular, nervous and skeletal systems.

Different Types of Massage Chairs

With a wide range of massage chairs available, it can be easy to become confused or frustrated. That’s why we’re going to give you a rundown on exactly what to look for. Each massage chair has unique features and vary in price between $200 to $15,000.

Below are a few common types of chairs:

  • Standard Massage Chair

These chairs have less massage features than full body massage chairs. They also feature a lower price tag, generally sold for less than $200.

A standard massage chair might not hit every part of your body, but do reach the crucial areas that are most notorious for having aches and pains.

  • Full Body

full body massage chair

These chairs massage your entire body, starting from your head and making their way down to your toes. They utilise a combination of rollers and airbags to massage different areas of the body. They also have comfortable slots for different parts f the body including the head, neck, shoulders, hands, arms, back, hips, and legs.

Most of the chairs in this category also come with heating technology.

These chairs are generally priced upwards of $1,500.

  • Shiatsu

This name was derived from the traditional Japanese massage technique known as Shiatsu, which means finger pressure. In this technique, pressure is applied to different pressure points of the body using hands, thumbs, feet, knees and elbows.

It is believed that the Shiatsu massage can effectively heal emotional problems in the spirit and the body. This has made Shiatsu a very popular term in the massage chair industry. Modern Shiatsu massage chairs incorporate rollers or airbags to strategically massage pressure points of the body.

  • Portable massage chairs

If you find yourself constantly on the move, a portable massage chair might be a great choice for you. Just as the name suggests, these chairs are easy to dismantle and assemble.

If you don’t have the luxury of owning a massage chair at home and another in your office, a portable massage chair can be a convenient solution. Massage therapists that offer door-to-door services generally utilize portable massage chairs.

  • Zero gravity

zero gravity illustration
Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Design

These are massage chairs designed using NASA-invented technology – zero gravity. Just like the weightless concept felt by astronauts when they are in outer space, these chairs will put your entire body in a gravity neutral position, which helps reduce tension and stress—decreasing heart rate and boosting blood circulation.

  • Massage office chairs

If you find yourself spending hours and hours each day in the office or sitting on a computer chair, a massage office chair might be the solution to your aching back. These chairs are designed for people such as stock traders, web designers, programmers, gamers and customer care service providers—who spend most of their time seated.

With this chair, you will no longer feel fatigued and sore after spending many hours in your computer chair.

  • Air massage chairs

These chairs are different from regular massage chairs because they utilize a set of airbags instead of electronic massaging equipment. The airbags are able to massage body parts that might not have been possible with normal massage technology.

Air massage chairs usually massage the feet, legs, arms and hands. What you should note is that air massage chairs are meant for massaging specific parts of the body and do not give a full body massage.

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

The number of people investing in a massage chair is increasing each year. A massage chair is not only a great way to relax your body, but can also help relieve physical, emotional and mental pain and stress in the comfort of your home without having to book an appointment and pay a masseuse or masseur.

To help you on your hunt to invest in the best choice available, we’ve listed 10 things you should consider when purchasing.

  1. Budget

The first question you should ask yourself before making any purchase is how much are you willing to spend on a quality massage chair. Massage chairs vary in price, rising in quality comparative to price. A $300 massage chair will be significantly lower quality than that of a $1,500 massage chair.

The good news is that you can compare prices from different manufacturers and suppliers until you find a massage chair that fits both your needs and your budget. More expensive chairs are generally more stylish, with sophisticated features, long lasting durability and the ability to give different types of customized massage.

Our quick guide is as follows: take time to determine your minimum and maximum budget; search for massage chairs that are within your budget range; read reviews of chairs and make your top 10 list. Note down the features of your top 10 chairs and match your needs and budget to select the best chair for you.

The following is a general pricing guide for massage chairs:

  • Value-priced massage chairs: These chairs are generally below $1,500. They are the least expensive, have fewer features and usually rely on older technology.
  • Mid-range massage chairs: These range from $1,500 to $6,500. These chairs are usually designed with features for meeting specific needs.
  • High-end massage chairs: These chairs are above $6,500 and can go as high as $15,000. They have a range of sophisticated features that can be used for different types of massage.
  1. Purpose

The second most important question to ask before buying a massage chair is the reason for buying one.

There are two main categories of massage chairs: hobbyist and therapeutic.

Therapeutic massage chairs are those that are designed to meet specific chiropractic or medical needs. These chairs can be used to treat various conditions such as back pain relief, high blood pressure, leg pain, shoulder pain, neck pain relief and other conditions related to stress.

Hobbyist massage chairs on the other hand are those with more convenience features and less therapeutic features. The main emphasis of hobbyist chairs is on conveniences such as MP3 support, LED lights, and memory slots.

  1. Features

This is another very important factor to consider when choosing a massage chair. The type of massage offered depends on the features that the massage chair has. Some massage chairs offer heated therapy, muscle compression, and traction therapy.

There are three main categories of common massage features: core technologies, convenience features and therapeutic features.

Core technologies are the basic features that every massage chair should have. These include massage track, roller array, roller fine-tuning technologies, massage options, air massage mode, and control methodologies.

Therapeutic features are designed to help you solve specific conditions and feel better. These include deep tissue massage, zero-gravity seating, therapeutic heat, body stretch, calf & foot massage, and point & zone massage.

Convenience features are those that do not have direct impact on enhancing your massage experience but can improve convenience . The features include space-saving design, extendable ottoman, hideaway ottoman, MP3 support, cup holder, memory slots, chromotherapy, built-in computer, and air ionizer.

A memory function and built-in computer will also enable you to program a combination of different types of massage and save it as your preference. This means that you won’t have to re-enter the same inputs each time you use your chair but only need choose among your favorite presets.

More and more people are choosing wireless massage chairs because of their convenience and space efficiency.

  1. Type and intensity of massage

Another important consideration is the type of massage therapies that the chair offers. Some of these include: Swedish massage, shiatsu, rolling, kneading, pressure and rapid percussion.

Swedish massage is the most common of all massage therapies. It is a basic form of massage that almost everyone who walks into a spa gets. It is done by rubbing the body tissues gently and applying deep pressure intermittently.

Shiatsu is done by applying pressure on acupuncture points of the body. Rolling, rapid percussion and kneading therapies are done using different features of the chair such as built-in balls and rollers. These therapies are done by applying pressure slowly and deeply at the target muscle groups. Airbags apply pressure that is equal to muscle compression that you would receive from the hands of a masseuse or masseur.

You should also consider the intensity level that the massage chair offers.

The reality is that children and elderly people require a different massage intensity from that of adults. If your family members are of different age groups, ensure that the massage chair you are considering has an intensity setting.

  1. Size and design

ergonomically designed massage seat
Well Designed Ergonomic Chair

The size of the massage chair completely depends on its design and features.

A chair with leg, back, neck and arm reclining will generally be bigger and require more space. You should also know that not all massage chairs will fit in with your existing furniture. Some massage chairs differ in design from that of convention sofas and can look out of place.

As a result, keeping these two types of chairs together may create a contrast that is not aesthetically pleasing. Due to this, you might have to position your massage chair in your workroom, bedroom, study room or office. Due to their neutral design and sufficient space, these rooms might be more suitable to house a large massage chair.

Therefore, when planning to buy a massage chair, choose one that will fit into the space you have at your home or office. It would be frustrating to invest in a large massage chair if you don’t have adequate space to house it. The size of the chair should also be determined by the height of the people using it.

Ensure that the seat height of the massage chair is comfortable for you. Some chairs can adjust to the height of the user automatically while others need manual adjustment using the control pad. Other conditions that should be considered when selecting the size and design of the chair are injuries such as low back, hip or knee pain.

  1. Rollers and balls

If you’re investing in a medical massage chair, rollers and balls are both critical components to consider. They are responsible for moving around the body to apply the desired pressure.

The rollers and balls are of different types and shapes hence offer varying levels of comfort. You should find a good balance between soft and strong, the speed they move and how comfortable they feel.

  1. Airbags

Don’t confuse these airbags with the ones in your car! Despite using similar technology, massage airbags have the ability to deflate and inflate as desired. They are usually located in the leg, arm and neck parts of the chair. When inflated, the airbags apply uniform pressure on specific body muscles.

The main factor to consider when checking airbags is the force or pressure that they apply to the muscle. Too much force (too tight airbags) will hurt your muscles whereas too little force (too loose airbags) will not stretch out the muscles properly.

Two other considerations are whether the airbags can heat up and how durable they are.

  1. Longevity and customer service

Another important consideration before buying any massage chair is durability. The best place to find information on longevity are online customer reviews. Find out what past users of the chair are saying about its longevity.

Make sure that you buy a chair that will last for several years, checking the durability of parts such as leg rest, neck rest, airbags, rollers and balls, bottom cushion and electronics.

It’s inevitable that every chair will break down eventually. The real question is when?

This is where customer service and warranty comes into play. Buying from a manufacturer or supplier that has a good customer service policy is a guarantee that your chair will be repaired if the worse comes to worse.

Always choose brands that value the satisfaction of their customers!

  1. Controllability

Controllability is very important in regulating the intensity of massage. You should choose a chair that gives you full and easy control of speed, intensity level and form of massage.

For instance, if the massage is too quick, uncomfortable or painful, you should be able to stop or control it using a control panel. The chair should also allow you to customize massage sessions so that they fit your specific needs. Find out how easy it is to recline the chair, control the airbags or rollers, or reset the chair after a massage session.

In case it is a remote controlled chair, find out if it has a built-in panel that becomes handy in case the remote is lost, damaged or runs out of batteries. Check if the built-in memory system allows you to program a combination of your favorite massage sessions and run them one after the other by simply pressing a button.

  1. Warranty

A massage chair can be an expensive investment, and ensuring it’s going to last for the long run is essential. Repair and maintenance costs can be expensive, as parts often have to be imported in case of damage of malfunction.

The best way to protect yourself again these problems is to have a good warranty that lasts for at least 5 years.

You should also take note of the items included and costs covered in the warranty. Take time to read the fine print of the warranty so as to understand the percentage of repair costs that the manufacturer will pay, the means of payment and how to claim the payment.

Quick Guide to Buying a Massage Chair

For you to enjoy the full benefits of a massage chair, it should contain all the necessary features. The more expensive the massage chair, the better the features. Regardless of your budget, below is a summary of essential factors to consider when buying a massage chair:


Budget is an important consideration for anyone looking to buy a massage chair. You have to carefully balance budget and the intended use of the chair. If you want a full body massage chair with all features, be ready to spend more on it.

Shipping options

Shipping will inevitably increase the overall cost of the chair. There are countless great deals available there depending on the manufacturer or supplier from whom you are buying the massage chair from. Take time to find the best deal, knowing that some sellers provide free shipping.

Manual or automated recline

Reclining a massage chair can be done manually using a handle or electronically using a remote or touch of a button. The majority of modern recliner chairs are automated and pricier than manual ones (check our comprehensive review of the best recliners for back pain here). You will have to weigh up convenience and your budget.

Size and weight capacity

You should also consider the height and body index mass of the people who will be using the massage chair. Some chairs have restricted height and weight range, meaning that if you are too tall or too heavy, you may not be able to use them. The size also affects the required space needed to use and store the chair.


Choose the material that most suits your preference. Common cover materials of massage chairs include leather, fabrics and synthetics.

Settings and programs

Some massage chairs can be quite complex with a bit of a learning curve… Meaning it may take you some time to learn how to use it effectively. Such chairs have programmed features that allow you to set combination of different massage sessions while others have preset programs. Check the settings and program options of the chair before choosing one.


Manufacturers who are confident with the quality, operation and longevity of their chairs usually provide long, comprehensive, clear and understandable warranties. Read the warranty and understand all its clauses before buying including items covered and procedure to follow in case of a claim.

Customer support

You may need assistance on the operation, repair or maintenance of the massage chair after getting it to your home. This makes it important to find out how and where you may get such assistance – whether it is through online support or visiting a nearby branch office or distribution center for the manufacturer.


This is an important factor to consider when going for pricier massage chairs. The chairs come with additional features such as phone charger, cup holder, music player, panel or handheld remote control, and headphone ports.

You can also check out these portable massage tables for a relaxing massage experience.

How Massage Chairs Work

When choosing a quality massage chair, you might be curious on how they work.

To put it simply, massage chairs are designed to mimic the hand actions of a real masseuse or masseur. Some of the chairs use vibrators while others use rollers, water or airbags.

We are going to focus on two main techniques that are common among the best massage chairs: air bags and rollers.

Air bags: These chairs use expandable airbags that are fitted in the cushions to exert relieving pressure on your body by squeezing target muscles. The airbags are interconnected with a central computer system to allow you control their inflation and deflation.

The amount of pressure and speed of the airbag, determines the intensity level of the massage and is directly proportional to the air that the bag receives. 

Rollers: These chairs use rollers, gears, motors and vibrating mechanics to relieve stress by exerting gentle pressure over your muscles. They work the same way as rolling, kneading, gripping, tapping and shiatsu massage techniques where rollers are programmed to move up and down, in a circular motion and an in and out motion. Some chairs even have heated rollers that make your massage experience more relaxing.