Top 5 Best Portable Massage Tables: Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

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All the little daily tensions and strains of everyday life will likely result in daily pains somewhere down the road of aging. Shoulder pains, back pains, neck pains—every imaginable muscular inconvenience can come crashing down upon you at the most inconvenient times, all because of your morning commute or the time you spend sitting wrong in the office chair.

That’s why relieving yourself with a massage after a long day is so great. It’s like all the troubles of life are gently pressed and squeezed away by a masseuse’s magical hands, the stress and worry washed away by Swedish or Shiatsu therapy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a professional massage right in your very own home, whenever you need it? Usually you’d have take it up with your local massage parlor to get such a service. You could call up and ask for some home service, but without a proper table for your massage, it’s just not going to work out.

Or will it?

Innovation has gifted us a wonderful alternative in the form of best portable massage tables. Designed for both the average consumer and the massage professional with home service clients, these tables are lightweight, portable, and designed to fold for easy storage, allowing you to carry them wherever you go for a professional-quality massage even away from home.

Of course, every product has its own selling points and unique feature set, and without experience in the market or even just knowing how these things work, it can be very hard to choose a table. That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about exactly what you need to look out for when it comes to portable massage tables, and we’ll even provide some top picks based on our experiences with them.

Top 5 Best Portable Massage Table Reviews

Let’s take a look at the top portable massage tables that we consider to have the best combination of features, portability, quality and price.

#1. Saloniture Professional: The Best Portable Massage Table

With a luxurious hardwood construction, steel cable supports, and a thick layer of foam with deluxe cushioning and even a removable cover, Saloniture’s offering is one of the most impressive-looking on the market.

Saloniture Professional Portable Table ImageIt has excellent dimensions at 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, making it a good choice for a wide variety of body types. It also comes with an adjustable headrest made up of composite materials, preventing warping even with a heavy load on it, as well as armrest wings that can be propped up for further comfort.

The upholstery material is easy to clean, and is oil-proof and waterproof so you won’t damage it no matter what kind of products are used during your massage.

At 37 pounds, it’s not too heavy either, but its array of strong cables and wood material ensure that it remains sturdy and durable, while supporting up to 450 pounds of applied weight and pressure. It can also store accessories within the table, and when folded up it’s still remarkably portable. It comes with a nylon carry case that also includes a pocket for accessories

#2. 3 Fold Black Reiki Massage Table

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The 3 Fold Black Reiki is a unique portable massage table that provides an array of features that make it one of the most customizable options around.

An adjustable height range of 26-36 inches gives it the ergonomics necessary for any masseuse to take advantage of any style. It also features two detachable armrests, a single front armrest, a headrest, and adjustable legs. The side of the table where the legs rest can be folded up as well.

The strong birch-wood construction and tensor cable system enable a maximum supported weight of 450 pounds, while the dimensions of 72 by 27 inches are suitable for people of any height and body type.

Overall, it’s a very cheap and lightweight table that holds back on the advanced features but makes up for it with customizability.

#3. PU Portable Massage Table with Free Carry Case

PU Portable Massage Bed Image

If you’re looking for a cheap but reliable portable massage table, this is one of the best you can get on the market.

Despite its price, it certainly manages to impress with its birch wooden frame that can handle up to 450 pounds, just like other more expensive alternatives. It also features a variety of accessories including detachable arm wings, hand rests, and a headrest. Like other portable tables, it’s also height-adjustable within the most common height ranges to accommodate any massage style, as well as the height of the masseuse.

It’s no slouch in the foam and upholstery department either, despite our assertions that cheaper tables tend to skimp on quality in this regard. It uses high-density foam with a surface composed of small foam cells, ensuring that it maintains its shape and dense feeling no matter how often it’s used. It also has movable cushions, and the upholstery comes in five different colors.

The table is very portable when it’s folded, and comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transport.

#4. Earthlite Harmony DX

Portable Massage Table Harmony DX

A uniquely high-quality option that saves the planet just as much as it helps save your back pains, the Earthlite Harmony DX is an eco-friendly option for the conscientious massage professional or enthusiast.

The Harmony DX comes in an exceptional maple construction which Earthlite claims is sourced from managed forests, ensuring that you’re not contributing to companies that promote illegal or unsustainable deforestation. At 73 by 30 inches, it also provides ample space for any client, with a height-adjustable range of 23-33 inches.

This frame, together with the extremely durable cable system that can actually be tightened and unwound as desired, contributes to the massive 600 pound weight limit that is pretty much best-in-class.

There’s also an adjustable face cradle that comes with a high-quality poly-gel head cushion. It can be adjusted from a horizontal to a vertical position in a jiffy. It uses a 2.5” cushioning made up of a dual-layer foam that is guaranteed to be CFC-free, as well as Earthlite’s own branded Nature’s Touch upholstery that is also eco-friendly, and comes in four luxurious colors.

Despite all these great features, the Harmony DX weighs in at a remarkable 33 pounds, putting it at the much lighter end of the scale. Earthlite also throws in a limited lifetime warranty that shows their confidence in this excellent product.

#5. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Massage Table

Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Bed Image

What makes the best portable massage table “All-Inclusive?” With Sierra Comfort’s offering, that means “everything but the kitchen sink.”

Equipped with cotton sheets, disposable face sheets, a pouch for storing oil, an arm shelf, a semi-circle bolster and even a towel hanger, the Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Massage Table is a one-size-fits-all purchase that ensures you won’t need to buy anything else for the task.

Aside from these features, it also includes side supports and armrests on either side of the table, as well as a removable face cradle.

The table itself is absolutely no slouch, with a top-quality beechwood construction and steel cable system that allows for clients up to 450 pounds in weight. The 72 by 28 inch dimensions make it inclusive not only in accessories but in the body types that are supported. It’s also height-adjustable from 23 to 33 inches, falling right inside the industry standards.

All these come at a remarkable price with a solid five-year warranty, so it’s a very safe and reasonable buy for any massage needs!

What to Look for in a Portable Massage Table

Choosing the right massage table isn’t just about value for money or the best features—it’s also very important to have one that’s reliable and can withstand the combined stress of a body’s weight and the masseuse’s hands on its frame. This is crucial for safety because a massage table that collapses during a massage can lead to a pretty bad injury.

Let’s look at the most important things you should be looking out for in a massage table.


The vast majority of portable massage tables are about 73 inches in length. Most people will find this fairly acceptable as few people are too much taller (or longer, when lying down) than this.

There are massage tables that are longer and wider, but they’re generally few and far between. There are also tables that feature cradles for the face that can add an extra couple of inches to the maximum supported height.

You might be asking:

Why not just get the longest and widest possible table to add a margin for error?

The problem is that the bigger the table is, the heavier and bulkier it is, even when folded up. These become harder to carry around, and may not even fit in some vehicles past a certain size. This definitely defeats the “portable” aspect of “portable massage table!”

It’s important to know that you’ll rarely use any additional space on a massage table, so unless you or your clients are exceptionally tall or large, you won’t need a very big table.

Height Adjustment

Being able to adjust the height is an absolutely essential feature for any massage table because every massage treatment may need a certain height setting for the most effective application of pressure.

On top of this, not only does the client have to be comfortable, but so too does the masseuse. A massage can be fairly strenuous and it’s important for the height to be optimally ergonomic for the masseuse, lest it cause muscle strain and tension.

Because almost every massage table will have this feature, the defining characteristics are then how easy it is to adjust the height, and the adjustment range available to the user.

There are several adjustment methods including adjuster knobs that you turn to modify the height, and telescopic adjusters that allow you to push a button to move the table’s legs.

The average table height adjustment range is about 23-33 inches, which is enough for most massages, so you should also choose a table that supports this height range.

Supported Weight

One of the most important factors to consider is the maximum supported weight, and this can cause some confusion especially when many cheaper massage table manufacturers either misreport or don’t agree on how to report the weight limit.

Most portable massage tables support around 400 pounds, but more expensive and durable ones can go all the way to 550 pounds. However, there is a distinction between the maximum supported weight of a client, and the actual weight to which the table will be subjected. For example, if a client weighs 200 pounds, and the masseuse is putting 50 pounds of pressure, then the table should be able to support a working weight of 250 pounds.

While most people don’t weigh much more than 200 pounds, it’s always safe to have a bit of leeway for heavier clients, and to account for engineering differences. However, it’s also important to realize that having a greater supported weight usually means stronger and denser materials, which in turn can lead to the table itself being heavier and less portable.

Table Weight

Most portable massage tables can weigh 40-50 pounds by themselves. These are the kind that usually support the 400-550 pound range. However, there are lighter tables that can go down to 30 or even 25 pounds, but you need to look at what you’re sacrificing if you choose a light table. Some of these tables are smaller than average, which will be a problem for tall clients. Others don’t support a lot of weight.

There are actually very lightweight massage tables below this range made of high-tech materials that don’t make any compromises in supported weight or table size, but they can be extremely expensive.


Portable massage tables consist of a cushioning material laid out over a frame with wood or aluminum construction. Each material has its own benefits.

Wood looks marvelously classy and is very lightweight and durable in general. For many years, it’s been a superior option compared to older steel massage tables that were heavy and susceptible to rust. Today, hardwood remains a reliable and classic choice for portable massage tables.

However, newer aluminum massage tables are vastly superior to the old metal tables, and they retain the strength and durability of wood while being much lighter than the old metal tables. They tend to be more expensive, but if you can afford them they’re an excellent, portable and reliable choice.

Tensor Cable Support System

The best massage tables today aren’t just made of wood or aluminum—they also feature a network of cables that link together and reinforce the table, helping it support heavier weights. The tension produced by these cables also keeps the table steady even when a client is being massaged on top of it.


Foam And Upholstery

Atop the frame will be a cushion that supports the client during the massage. It’s important to choose a portable massage bed with a dense, comfortable cushion so that the client is comfortable, or else they might walk away feeling worse than when they came in!

Many portable massage beds market themselves on the basis of the thickness of the foam, whether it’s 2 inches or 4 inches. However, what you should really be looking at is the quality of the foam—harder, stronger foams are better for massages. Memory foam is the best option for massage tables of any kind, but it’s also the most expensive.

The upholstery over the foam is also important. PVC or PU leather are the main choices that you’ll pick from, and they’re generally easy to clean while looking and feeling great. However, cheaper tables are going to use lower quality upholstery, so you should take that into consideration when setting your budget.

Note that you have the option of using washable, reusable covers help improve the experience, so upholstery isn’t necessarily one of the most important things to consider.

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Choosing the right portable massage table is about getting the most out of your massage. What good is a cheap massage table if it doesn’t live up to the standards that allow for the best comfort and the most effective massages to take place?

It’s also about safety. You’re not going to entrust your well-being to a table that might come crashing down while you’re lying face-down!

It’s a careful balancing act between these basic attributes, the portability of the table, and any additional features that you might want to include. That’s why you should know about the things to look out for that we described.

If you want a safe choice, you can also use our expertise and look at some of the top recommendations we’ve given. Choosing any of these is going to provide you with an excellent massage experience no matter how you look at it. It’s all about deciding which one has what you need, and which ones fit in your budget.